Fenol Kimya has been established to produce and sell PVC heat stabilizers and polymer additives. Our company keeps working in line with the vision of high quality products and superior service at world standards in order to provide technical support, R & D and customer satisfaction by considering the effects of PVC additives on the extruders.

Main sectors that we sell by keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront; Engaged in manufacturing from PVC; 

1) Door & Window Profiles

2) Outside Covering Profiles – Siding

3) Wall-Ceiling & Door Panel

4) Roller Shutter Profiles

5) Bathroom-Kitchen & Cabinet Profiles

6) Cable Trunkings

7) Curtain Rails – Vertical Curtain Profiles

8) PVC Skirting

9) PVC Door Frame / PVC Door Case

10) PVC Bathroom / External Edge Profiles

11) Round Greenhouse Clips

12) Cooling Group Profiles

13) Edge Bands

14) Still Profiles

15) Waste Water Pipes

16) Drilling Pipes

17) Clean Water Pipes – Pressure Pipes

18) Corrugated Pipes

19) Injection Parts

20) Cables

21) Hoses

22) Spiral Electrical Hoses

23) Transparent Films

24) WPC Composite Profiles

25) Foam Profiles

26 ) Sheets – Thermoform

27) Rovings, Seals

28) Flexible Profiles

In addition, we provide chemicals as internal and external lubricant agents to many sectors that our chemicals are used like especially paper, ink, textile and detergent sectors.