Our company has a wide range of products by offering innovative solutions in the production of our customers and prioritizing quality ;

1)  One Pack Stabilizers,
2)  Metallic Soaps
3)  Single Component Stabilizator
4)  Lubricants
5)  Processing Aids
6)  Boosters of Impact Resistance
7)  Antioksidants
8)  Flame Retardants
9)  Dehumidifiers
10) Antistatic Additives
11) Plasticizers
12) Foam Boosters
13) Pigments
14) Titanium Dioxide 

We offer these products in powder, flake, granule and tablet form.

FENOL KİMYA has become one of the leading companies of the sector in a short time and will always pursue its goal of reaching the best with human and environment-sensitive projects by continuing its works incessantly and with the same determination.