Metallic Soaps

Metallic soaps are produced by the reaction of fatty acids of alkali metal oxides or hydroxides. Metallic soaps are used quite a lot and which are important raw materials in the industry due to its many properties such as heat stabilizer, internal and external lubricating, softening agent, drying agent, release agent, flame retardant, abrasive agent, antifoam agent, precipitation agent, water repellent agent.

The main sectors in which they are used are plastic, textile, construction, rubber, metal, construction chemicals, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil, heavy machinery.

Metallic soaps are produced in structures such as stearates, laurates, behenates, but are commonly used as stearates.

As Phenol Chemistry, we commonly produce stearates of metallic soaps. The main metallic stearates we produce are:

  1. Calcium Stearate
  2. Zinc Stearate
  3. Lead Stearate
  4. Magnesium Stearate
  5. Aluminium Stearate
  6. Sodium Stearate
  7. Potassium Stearate